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The food carts in Southern India inspired us to recreate a stuffed Dosa with the right amount of crispiness on the outside balanced with the juiciness on the inside. We sourced authentic ingredients to create the perfect Bandi (food cart) style Dosa. Indulge your palate in a variety of sauces from all over India from the famous Pav Bhaji to the spicy Vijayawada Sauce.

Health Benefits

“Dosa and Idli are popular South Indian dishes that are not only tasty but also beneficial for your health. One of the key ingredients in our recipes is ghee, a clarified butter that's rich in vitamins A, E, and K, and known for its heart health benefits. We also use asafoetida, a potent spice recognized for its digestive advantages. Additionally, we include a touch of turmeric in our dishes, a well-known anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, making these meals as healthy as they are delicious.” We can use the Tumeric picture as the picture to overlay on the side

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Our Menu

Recipes sourced from the chefs of famous street style dosa carts in India and recreated to perfection. Indulge in Authentic South Indian Dosa from different parts of the country accompanied by scintillating chutneys and sambar. For food connoisseurs out there, we provide you with the knobs to build your own Dosa that your tastebuds will appreciate. It will have you craving for more.

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Our Famous Dosa Box keeps your Dosa fresh

We are marching towards a goal of using 100% sustainable packaging.